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NJR RCC advert
NJR seeks new Regional Clinical Coordinator (RCC) members
The National Joint Registry Regional Clinical Coordinators Sub-committee serves to provide a two way link between the hospitals and surgeons providing data to the NJR and to the registry itself. It comprises of representatives from all regions across England, Northern Ireland, and Wales, and encompasses NHS and independent sector treatment.

RCC members are currently being sought from the following regions:
  • East of England
  • North Wales
  • South East Coast
  • South East Wales
  • West Midlands x 2

To ensure a representative and balanced cohort of Regional Clinical Coordinators, the NJR would particularly welcome applications from consultants who specialise in lower limb joint replacement surgery, including ankle replacement.

Full application details can be found here >

Individuals should submit their application by 9am, Friday 24th November 2017.

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NJR Data Quality
Third annual NJR Data Quality Audit launched
The National Joint Registry will be continuing its audit programme to retrospectively check the quality of data and the commitment to patient safety from all hospitals reporting to the registry.

Read full details about how your hospital can be involved >

As featured in the latest edition of the BOA's Journal of Trauma and Orthopaedics, read a progress update on the inaugural audit here >
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NJR AR 2017
14th Annual Report from the NJR
Published last month, the National Joint Registry for England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man (NJR) 14th Annual Report highlighted a record number of procedures being performed during 2016/17.

Download the report online here >

NJR dedicated Annual Report website:
Read all the latest data and analyses on hip, knee, ankle, elbow and shoulder joint replacement via:

AR pres BOA
VIDEO: What does the 14th Annual Report tell us?
Mr Michael Whitehouse, NJR statistical analysis (University of Bristol), presented the findings from this year's Annual Report as part of the NJR's 'mini-theatre' exhibition stand programme at the British Orthopaedic Association's (BOA) Annual Congress.

Watch the presentation here >
Download the presentation slides via the NJR website here >

Highlights from the report:
More joint replacements than ever before were carried out in the financial year 2016/17, with just fewer than 243,000 cases submitted to the NJR. This sees a significant increase of more than 20,000 joint replacement operations recorded in the registry on the previous period.

For most patients across all joint replacement procedures recorded in the registry, the risk of having the first-time implant replaced (known as ‘revision’ surgery) within thirteen years was low.

Analysis from this year’s report continues to show the trend for increased likelihood of revision (or ‘re-do’ surgery) associated with younger patients across all types of joint replacement procedures recorded in the registry.

Further analysis from NJR Medical Director via NHS England guest blog here >

BOA logo
The NJR at the BOA's Annual Congress
19-21 September 2017

New for 2017, the NJR stand was home to an interactive 'mini-theatre' where presentations took place relating to NJR services or use of registry data during refreshment and lunch breaks throughout the Congress.

In addition to the presentation on the 14th Annual Report's findings (above), two further presentations were live streamed via the NJR's Facebook page and can be watched back via the links below.

Photos from the Congress can be viewed here >

1. The development of a Patient Decision Aid for joint replacement:
Professor Mark Wilkinson, NJR Research Sub-committee Chairman, outlines the NJR's work in the developing this tool and how it will aid patients' pre-operative decision making.

Watch presentation >
Download the presentation slides here >
2. Making the most of the NJR’s pricing data:
Richard Armstrong, Head of Health Solutions (Northgate Public Services), outlines the how surgeons can better understand their pricing data and how this can be accessed.

Watch presentation >
Download the presentation slides here >
PPG logo
Public and Patient Guides to the Annual Report
The National Joint Registry's Public and Patient Guides are available for free in hardcopy* for patients, pre-operative units, and GPs by calling the NJR Centre on: 0845 345 9991.

Or download online now:

*UK distribution only; subject to availability; the NJR Service Desk is operational Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, exc. public holidays.
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Patient Consent at 93% during 2016/17
Outlined in the NJR's 14th Annual Report, the patient consent rate for 2016/17 was 93.0%, a slight decrease from 2015/16 (93.43%).

Patients can obtain a copy of the data held on their hip, knee, ankle, elbow or shoulder replacement operation recorded in the registry, providing they consented prior to their operation, by completing a Patient Data Request form and sending the signed form to the NJR Centre at the address on the form.

We would normally expect to provide your data within two to three weeks, although during periods of high demand it may take longer.

Patient Operation Data Request (PDF) >

If you don't have access to a printer, you can contact the NJR Helpdesk via t
elephone on 0845 345 9991 or email:

Learn more about Patient Consent here >

NHS Choices logo
Preparing for Clinical Outcomes Publication (COP) programme 2017/18
The NJR is continuing to prepare and implement the 2017/18 round of orthopaedic clinical outcomes publication (COP) – an ongoing part of NHS England’s transparency agenda. The data will be published via NHS Choices and also the NJR's Surgeon and Hospital Profile website.

Surgeon pre-view period
The COP data is being processed for pre-view prior to publication. The pre-view period is expected to open in November. Further notification will be issued when the pre-view period is open.

Are you in scope for publication?

NHS England procedures
Any Consultant surgeon who has carried out at least one NHS-funded procedure in England between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017 will be automatically included for publication.

Non-NHS England procedures
Consultant surgeons whose current practice is only in Wales, Northern Ireland or the private sector are not automatically included but may choose to opt-in to their data being published. Surgeons who wish to opt-in can do so through the NJR Clinician Feedback system.

We would encourage all Consultant surgeons to opt-in to the publication of their data.

Need help with Clinician Feedback?
If you require any further support, a re-set for your username or password or have any questions about your data, please contact the NJR Service Desk in the first instance: 0845 345 9991 /

NJR Surgeon and Hospital Profile

Through the NJR Surgeon and Hospital Profile service you can find information about:

1) Consultant surgeons who carry out hip, knee, ankle, elbow and shoulder joint replacement surgery for the NHS in England 

2) Hospitals where those joint replacement operations are carried out.

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