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February 2024

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Welcome to the latest round-up of clinical audit and programme news, events and updates from HQIP and other relevant healthcare organisations. 


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New resources published

The following NEW resources have been published this month:

A full list of all published reports can be found on the Reports section of our website.  

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Clinical Audit Awareness Week 2024 update

Following last month's announcement about the return of Clinical Audit Awareness Week which will take place from 24-28 June 2024, we have some exciting updates on #CAAW24.

Clinical Audit Heroes Awards

As always, the event will centre around the Clinical Audit Heroes Awards. In recognition of the success of the 2023 awards, the categories for 2024 will be largely the same as last year:

  • Patient safety
  • Patient and public involvement
  • Healthcare inequalities
  • Influencing change
  • Sustainability

The awards will be open for nominations from Thurs 28 March (and will close on Sunday 5 May). More information, will be shared at the following event...

Online launch event

A reminder that we will be launching #CAAW24 at a short online event on Wed 27 March from 12:30 – 1:00 pm. Speakers will include Chris Gush, HQIP CEO, and Professor Danny Keenan, who will share the broader value of clinical audit and details of how to enter the awards. Find out more, with a link to join this event on the day here.


To support local #CAAW24 activities in your organisation, we have created a toolkit of resources you can download and use. From content for social media and newsletters to resources for sharing and saying thank you, why not take a look at how this free resource could support you to get involved in #CAAW24?

Finally don't forget to share news of this campaign - and any activities within your organisation - on social media, using #CAAW24!

More information: Clinical Audit Awareness Week.

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Procurement Act 2023 – Knowledge Drops for suppliers

This series of Knowledge Drops is designed to provide an overview of the Procurement Act 2023, which will be the new set of regulations that the UK will use to undertake public procurement activity and will replace Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

It is aimed at suppliers who deliver contracts to the UK public, utilities and defence sectors, who take part in competitive procurements or have delivered contracts under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (the set of rules followed by most contracting authorities), the Utilities Contracts Regulations 2016, the Defence and Security Public Contracts Regulations 2011, and the Concession Contracts Regulations 2016, or new entrants who would like to do so in the future.

This series is designed to explain the key changes to the previous regulations, and how this may influence how you do business with the UK public, utilities or defence sectors accordingly. 

Please follow this link and scroll down to Knowledge Drops for Suppliers. HQIP would encourage all suppliers to view this useful resource.

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NHS England Quality Accounts List 2024-25 published

NHS Trust healthcare providers are required to publish a Quality Account report annually, covering the quality of their services. The NHS England Quality Accounts List comprises National Clinical Audits, Clinical Outcome Review Programmes and other national quality improvement programmes which NHS England advises Trusts to prioritise for participation and inclusion in their Quality Accounts for 2024-25.

The NHS England Quality Accounts List 2024-25, plus further information and guidance, can be found on our website.

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Article: Avoiding 'lost in translation'

Each month, we are featuring an article from the 2024 edition of CORNERSTONE, HQIP’s FREE publication designed to support Quality Improvement (QI) in health and care. In this article, Jill Stoddart, Director of Operations (National Clinical Audit and Patient Outcome Programme) at HQIP, discusses using national healthcare data to support meaningful change...

"What keeps you awake at night? When I worked in clinical practice, questioning whether I’d provided the very best care for patients kept me awake. Now I commission national clinical audits and other patient outcome programmes, this is still a primary concern - but the focus is on whether the data we collect supports the best care for patients. How can we ensure that evidence derived at a national level is well received and implemented at Trust level? And, critically, are we really making a difference to patient care?"

Read more on page 14 of CORNERSTONE here.

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Article: National Joint Registry features in 'Hello! magazine'

You may have seen that national treasure, Dawn French, had knee surgery last November and has since been on the road to recovery.  As Dawn continues her journey with a series of physiotherapy exercises, Medical Director of the National Joint Registry (NJR) Tim Wilton lifts the lid on why many celebs like Dawn are having this knee surgery and why surgery is often unavoidable.

In an ageing population, our joints endure increasing wear and tear. The same is true of our celebrities; once it was 15 minutes of fame, now it may be 50 years. This can mean performing at an age where arthritis is unfortunately common, with older celebrities facing pressures to remain as fit and active as ever.

Read the full article in Hello! magazine here.

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CVDPREVENT - Outcomes indicators

The CVDPREVENT team have announced that 10 new experimental indicators are to be introduced to the audit. These 'outcomes indicators’ are a completely new type of indicator that have been calculated using a linked dataset as part of a collaborative project between NHS England (NHSE), the National Cardiovascular Intelligence Network in the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (NCVIN-OHID) and the NHS Benchmarking Network (NHSBN).

The CVDPREVENT audit provides data for users to understand how many people with Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) or its high-risk conditions are being identified, diagnosed and treated in primary care. However, it was recognised that data was not yet available to explicitly monitor the impact that CVD might be having on these patients. In order to measure this, a new dataset was created that links CVDPREVENT primary care data to mortality (ONS) and admissions (HES) data.

Read more here.

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